Aluminum Coil

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Aluminum is a highly versatile metal. You can have aluminum as sheets, wires, coils, and thin foils. These qualities make aluminum very useful in various kinds of industries. We shall look at the features of aluminum coils and see its advantages over the other kinds of coils such as copper, etc.

Aluminum is a light metal. In fact, it is much lighter than copper or steel. This makes it highly economical to use in comparison with the heavier metals. The best aspect of using aluminum is that it is strong and durable in spite of its lightness. In these days where economic viability is an important factor for survival of industries, the use of aluminum coils has come as a boon.

You find a use for aluminum coils inside air conditioning and refrigeration units. They can equal the copper coils as far as performance levels are concerned. Being lighter in weight, they score very high on the economic angle. This makes the HVAC industry prefer the aluminum coils to the copper coils.

Of course, the copper coils have their advantages. You cannot deny the importance of the copper coils in the industry. However, in comparison with aluminum coils, they are definitely expensive.

As far as electrical conductivity is concerned, aluminum can equal the performance of copper in many ways. Aluminum is lighter than copper. Hence, for the same weight you can have more coils of aluminum. This makes it cost-effective.

Aluminum does not burn easily. It can withstand huge temperature ranges. Aluminum alloys can withstand heat up to 650oC. This quality of aluminum plays a great role in the selection of aluminum as the prime material for manufacturing condensing coils.

Aluminum, like copper, has great recyclable qualities. Aluminum does not go waste. Even in cases of natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, aluminum structures have withstood the damage. There have been many instances of these damaged aluminum sheets being put to good use subsequently.

The malleable qualities of aluminum make it easy for one to manufacture the thinnest of coils. In fact, you have aluminum foils that are extremely thin but effective at the same time. They have the great tendency to trap the heat and freshness. This makes aluminum as a favorite in the food industry for preservation of perishable items.  

Aluminum has a variety of uses. You can see huge structures and bridges using aluminum as a standard construction material. You have use of aluminum coils inside the HVAC units. You see aluminum foils having great use in the food industry.