brushed aluminium composite panels

  • Brushed Aluminium Composite Panel

    With an increase in the usage and popularity of aluminium composite panels in homes and other establishments, a large variety of such panels is now available in the market. One of the most liked and preferred types is the Brushed Aluminium Composite Panel. These brushed panels give a touch of class and elegance to the whole place. In addition, they also have the other attributes such as being fireproof, antistatic and anti-bacteria, just like the other composite panels. These brushed aluminium composite panels are also made using high grade aluminium alloy and plastic.

    In case of Brushed Aluminium Composite Panel, the front surface of the panel undergoes brush treatment. This protective coating can be removed. The back of the panel is, in any case, non-corrosive aluminium.

    Brushed aluminium composite panel adds to the aesthetics and elegance of the place and is increasingly finding use in interior decoration, kitchens and even in commercial establishments. Some companies even offer you the facility of custom made brushed aluminium composite panels in case your requirement is of a substantial quantity. Like other composite panels, brushed aluminium composite panels too come in various widths, thicknesses and lengths.

    Brushed aluminium composite panels are also very durable, economic, aesthetically superb, light weight, easy to install, easy to cut, bend and groove, fireproof and eco-friendly like other aluminium composite panels. However, they score over others in respect of the following features:

    1. Elegance– They have an exclusive and elegant look which adds to the beauty of your premises.
    2. Non-resonance – These panels are non-resonant.
    3. Superior impact resistance– These panels have a superior impact resistance.
    4. Surface flatness– The brushing renders more flatness to the surface of the composite panels.
    5. Sound insulation– This is a definite advantage over the other types of panels.
    6. Heat insulation– This is particularly beneficial in hot weather.
    7. Acid resistance– These panels are acid resistant.
    8. Weatherproofing– For a longer life of the panels.
    9. Alkali resistance– For protection against the normal wear and tear.
    10. Uniform coloring– Brushing imparts a uniform coloring to the surface.


    Brushed aluminium composite panels are widely used for interior walls, shop facades, billboards, signboards, subway interiors, tunnels, partitions and ceilings. These are also extensively used in galleries, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies. These easy to clean and maintain panels add magnificence to the premises where they are used. These are increasingly being recommended and used by architects, builders and consumers alike.

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