aluminum composite panel thickness

  • The utility of the aluminum composite panel explained

    No one can deny the importance of steel in the construction industry. However, steel has its limitations as well. Therefore, the industry is in search of a suitable alternative. The aluminum composite panel can fit the bill perfectly in many ways because of its inherent advantages over steel.

    Aluminum is an extremely light metal. In fact, aluminum is 66% lighter as compared to steel. In addition, aluminum is less susceptible to fractures. Aluminum’s greater modulus of elasticity in comparison with steel makes it a viable alternative.

    When you compare strength vis-à-vis thickness, the aluminum composite panel thickness level would be less than that of steel for imparting a similar amount of strength. Secondly, the moisture or the UV rays of the sun do not affect aluminum in any way. Therefore, the aluminum panels make for excellent building cladding material. They can protect the concrete walls of the building from the vagaries of the weather.

    Aluminum has a strategic advantage over steel in the fact that aluminum has a natural inbuilt durability factor. When exposed to air, aluminum forms a protective layer of oxide. Hence, you would not find any rusting or rotting of the aluminum panels. In addition, the construction industry subjects the aluminum panels to a process known as anodization. This process can increase the aluminum composite panel thickness. It would also allow the panels to withstand the attacks from Nature. It would also be possible to paint these panels in a range of colors.

    After anodization, the porosity of the surface film increases thereby allowing for the bonding of various colors, pigments, and electrolytes as well. You can have a range of finishes such as powder coating finishes, etc. This powder coating finish can curtail the effects of rainwater. The aluminum panels are corrosion proof because the acidity content in the rainwater would not have any effect on it.

    Therefore, quality wise, aluminum composite panels are more durable than steel. Hence, you can see many commercial buildings using these panels to enhance the external beauty as well as durability of their construction. The aluminum panels require less maintenance. Therefore, they are cost effective as well.

    The greatest quality of aluminum is that you can recycle it without causing any kind of environmental issues. Recycling of the existing aluminum would be easy when compared to the manufacture of new aluminum from bauxite.

    Thus, the aluminum panels have come to stay in the construction industry.

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