If you are looking for a great source of decoration that provides an extra beauty to interior walls of your home, then 3D decorative panels is one of the best options to consider. These wall panels are easy to install and are eco-friendly. It gives the look and feel that two- dimensional coatings, panels, and wallpapers cannot be matched. Different patterns providing a natural look to waves or bubbles on water brings a sense of movement on a blank interior wall. Use of accent color brings changing of shadows as day turns its position to night.

There is the usage of bamboo, plastic, reinforced gypsum, bio based materials. and sugarcane waste. These panels provide unique beautification to home. Its looks are completely different in appearance.


These famous 3D decorative wall panels can be installed in tile format adding beautification to the home walls. These panels are strong enough but its use in the frequent mechanical area is avoided. Good option to provide decoration to walls; not so good for balconies.

These wall panels can be easily affixed on a wall. The panels are made out of high-quality gypsum. Using different forms of up and down light, each textured wall is attractive when it is illuminated. This type of interior wall’s successfulness is very much depended on the exterior of a house being properly waterproofed.


These panels are best to be used in living room, bedrooms, and offices. It is necessary that the concerned area should be away from moisture.


Decorating of walls with wooden 3D wall panels with existing decorative design or texture either covers the entire wall or part of it and this will provide extra beauty to home walls. Wooden wall paneling and beautiful wood floor is the best way to bring interior with a modern design having traditional outlook. 3D wall panel technology offers new and creative ways that are both attractive and traditional.


These 3D panels are of a special kind and are very soft to touch and require special maintenance. The basis of its creation is soft furniture and it is very soft to touch and requires proper care. Today they are in the shape of rectangle and square. These 3D wall panels are mostly used in the interior decoration of wall of restaurant and nightclubs.

It is very important that you should have the availability of professional cleaner at your home, who will take his proper responsibility in its cleanliness. Each panel is highly precious and may break if abused.

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