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  • The different kinds of aluminum composite panel designs

    The world has now realized the advantages of using the aluminum panels in place of steel or other metals. They have knowledge about the durability, cost effectiveness, and other positive factors of the use of aluminum in the construction industry. This article would throw light on the different types of aluminum composite panel designs.

    A walk through the commercial district of any modern city would reveal the use of the aluminum composite panels in the construction industry. They have a variety of uses in the construction of building facades of office complexes, airports, shopping arcades, stadiums, etc. The list could go on endlessly.

    The aluminum panels can protect the building from the harmful effects of the sun, the rain, and the wind, etc. The aluminum composite panel design depends on the type and design of the outer skin of the building. The beauty of these designs is that they can adapt to the shape of the building. Hence, you can find unitized facades, double-skin facades, or even specially shaped structures such as cones, polygons, and pyramids.

    The panels are extremely strong and durable. They can withstand wind speeds up to 200 kmph. History has proved that these designs have withstood seismic shocks as well. You have the aluminum composite panel designs that can absorb the external noise and maintain the serenity inside the places such as hospitals, concert halls, etc.

    The innovative double-skin facades involving a combination of aluminum and glass have become very common in the cities today. The advantage of this design is that it can allow natural ventilation thereby reducing the dependence on electric current to illuminate the interiors during the daytime. These structures can keep out the noise as well. They have great utility in maintaining the temperature levels in the interior areas. These buildings have the classy look from the exteriors. They are durable from the interior side as well.

    The aluminum composite panel designs are such that you can paint them in a variety of colors. They have other advantages over the steel panels. The aluminum panels do not rust. They are fireproof and corrosion free as well. The biggest advantage of these panels is that they are extremely light in weight.

    You have different designs for the interiors and the false ceilings. In short, one can say that the aluminum composite panels have a variety of uses. One can see them replacing the steel industry in the near future.

  • The utility of the aluminum composite panel explained

    No one can deny the importance of steel in the construction industry. However, steel has its limitations as well. Therefore, the industry is in search of a suitable alternative. The aluminum composite panel can fit the bill perfectly in many ways because of its inherent advantages over steel.

    Aluminum is an extremely light metal. In fact, aluminum is 66% lighter as compared to steel. In addition, aluminum is less susceptible to fractures. Aluminum’s greater modulus of elasticity in comparison with steel makes it a viable alternative.

    When you compare strength vis-à-vis thickness, the aluminum composite panel thickness level would be less than that of steel for imparting a similar amount of strength. Secondly, the moisture or the UV rays of the sun do not affect aluminum in any way. Therefore, the aluminum panels make for excellent building cladding material. They can protect the concrete walls of the building from the vagaries of the weather.

    Aluminum has a strategic advantage over steel in the fact that aluminum has a natural inbuilt durability factor. When exposed to air, aluminum forms a protective layer of oxide. Hence, you would not find any rusting or rotting of the aluminum panels. In addition, the construction industry subjects the aluminum panels to a process known as anodization. This process can increase the aluminum composite panel thickness. It would also allow the panels to withstand the attacks from Nature. It would also be possible to paint these panels in a range of colors.

    After anodization, the porosity of the surface film increases thereby allowing for the bonding of various colors, pigments, and electrolytes as well. You can have a range of finishes such as powder coating finishes, etc. This powder coating finish can curtail the effects of rainwater. The aluminum panels are corrosion proof because the acidity content in the rainwater would not have any effect on it.

    Therefore, quality wise, aluminum composite panels are more durable than steel. Hence, you can see many commercial buildings using these panels to enhance the external beauty as well as durability of their construction. The aluminum panels require less maintenance. Therefore, they are cost effective as well.

    The greatest quality of aluminum is that you can recycle it without causing any kind of environmental issues. Recycling of the existing aluminum would be easy when compared to the manufacture of new aluminum from bauxite.

    Thus, the aluminum panels have come to stay in the construction industry.

  • The benefits of aluminum composite panel cladding

    Steel is the most important metal in use in the construction industry. Next to steel, aluminum has become the most popular. Until recently, the building constructors used aluminum for window frames, partitions, scaffolding work, etc. With the invention of the aluminum composite panel, they have started using the aluminum panels for cladding as well.

    In simple terms, aluminum composite panel cladding would entail the fitting of aluminum panels to the exteriors of a building to enhance its beauty and durability as well.

    There are many advantages of using the aluminum composite panel cladding process. We shall see some of them during the course of this article.

    Aluminum is renowned for its durability. It can withstand all the vagaries of weather such as extreme heat, cold, and the rains as well. It is corrosion proof and fireproof. The aluminum panels can protect from the harmful effects of the UV rays as well. Therefore, these aluminum composite panels have a long life.

    Aluminum is a flexible material. You would be able to mold it in a variety of ways. You can have these panels as flat or curved as well making them the perfect material for the cladding. You can manufacture the panels to fit the contours of the walls. Drilling holes through these panels would also be easy. Hence, attaching the same to the existing concrete wall should be easy.

    The aluminum panels you see on the building facades today are anodized panels. You would be able to paint these panels in a variety of colors. Thus, these panels have a great decorative effect as well. Cleaning the panels would also be easy because of the water resistant properties of aluminum.

    These aluminum composite panels can reflect light in a very efficient manner. Hence, you can use the cladding process for the interiors and false ceilings as well.

    Aluminum does not burn. Hence, these aluminum composite panels are fireproof. However, in temperatures exceeding 650 degrees Centigrade, aluminum can melt. Nevertheless, they do not release obnoxious fumes and gasses. Hence, it is safe from the environmental protection aspect as well.

    The aluminum composite panel cladding is very light in weight. This is the biggest advantage of these panels. Hence, from the durability as well as the decorative point of view, these panels have great utility as the cladding material.

    This explains the growth in the popularity of the aluminum composite panel cladding of the exterior walls of a building.

  • Installing the panels should not be a tough job

    If you take a walk around any business district in a top class city, you would find a good number of buildings with aluminum composite panels on the exteriors. This has become more of a fashion today rather than a necessity. However, one thing is certain. The building gets an attractive look. No one can deny this fact. The aluminum panels have their own advantages. We shall go through the same. However, we shall look at the aluminum composite panel installation as well.

    It is not a very difficult job to install the panels. The first job would be to inspect the building thoroughly. The building should be either a square or a rectangular one. Then, the job of installing the panels becomes easy. One should install the plum lines at the important junctions to take care of the alignment properly. Having straight walls always makes it easy for the installation.

    One has to attach the clips to the frame of the building. On installing the clips, you can proceed with the alignment of panels accordingly. Fastening the clip to the wall is an art by itself. You should not overdo the fastening. Otherwise, you may end up shearing the outer layer of the framing. Maintain the proper spacing between composite panels.

    One should start the aluminum composite panel installation from the bottom, especially from a corner. You can keep on adding the adjacent panels while adhering to the plum line all the time. This would ensure you install the panels in a straight line. Once you establish the lowest line, adding panels on top should not be a problem. You have to take care of the spacing as well.

    It would be normal for you to install certain panels first. They would be the areas near the doors, windows, etc. Having a proper design in place should be the order of the day. You should do a reality check every few panels or so to ensure that they follow the sequence perfectly. Otherwise, you may have to dismantle the entire structure and start again.

    Every panel would have a protective film. You should ensure to remove the protective film after the installation of the panels. Certain areas of the building may receive more sunlight than the others do. You should take care of this aspect because excessive exposure to radiation may result in the discoloration of the panels. This can affect the look of the building.

  • Aluminum composite panels are the order of the day

    Usually, buildings have concrete walls. They are durable having stood the test of time. Exposed to the vagaries of Nature, they require some protection as well. The aluminum composite panel can form an effective protective layer outside the building walls.


    The basics


    The question would now arise as to what are these aluminum composite panels. Theoretically speaking, the aluminum composite panels consist of two thin sheets of aluminum on either side of a non-aluminum core. These panels can form the outer layer of building facades and protect the same from the vagaries of the sun, the wind, and the rain.

    The aluminum composite panel manufacturers take care to ensure that the use the best non-aluminum core material so that these panels last long. The advantage of these panels is that they come in a range of attractive colors. You can have these panels in patterns that can imitate other materials such as wood or marble.


    The uses


    The aluminum composite panels have utility as external cladding to buildings, false ceilings, container construction, etc. They have great use as signage boards as well. The advantages of using these panels are many.


    Their features and advantages


    The panels have a low weight but exhibit extreme rigidity and durability. These panels are water resistant by nature. They have UV resistant properties as well. Hence, they can form the protective layers over the buildings. These panels are easy to form and process as well. These panels are easy to cut, saw, bend, and bolted as well. Drilling holes through these panels would also be easy. They are very attractive to look at from the outside. They can enhance the looks of the building largely. Being water resistant, there would be no chance of any water seepage as well. At the same time, the UV resistant features of these panels can keep the interiors cool. In case you have a centrally air-conditioned building, these panels can enhance the cooling quality by not allowing the chillness to escape through the walls. These panels are renowned for being soundproof and fireproof.

    The aluminum panels are easy to install and replace as well when damaged. Costs wise, they are quite inexpensive. As these panels protect the buildings from the exteriors, you would save a lot on the external maintenance of the buildings. In case you use the panels for external decoration, you have to use the PVDF coating. In case you use them for interior decoration, the polyester coating would be fine.


  • Aluminum composite panel price would be inexpensive

    Aluminum is a very light but durable metal. Aluminum panels have great use in a variety of industries. However, the aluminum composite panel is in great demand. This aluminum composite is a kind of a flat panel consisting of two aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core. This can be plastic as well. They have the use of external cladding of buildings, signage boards and for insulation purposes as well.

    Thus, the aluminum panel has three layers, namely the two skin layers of aluminum and the sandwich non-aluminum layer. This makes for a rigid panel


    The main features of the panel:


    The aluminum composite panels have an outdoor use. Hence, you should expect these panels to have weather resistant properties. These panels are easy to maintain and use as well. They can act as a good insulator against sound. These aluminum composite panels provide protection from fire as well. The presence of three layers gives shock-absorbing qualities to the panels. These aluminum panels are renowned for their lightweight and decorative looks.


    The different types of aluminum composite panels:


    They come in different combinations. However, the basic structure and design are the same. PE Coating, PVDF Coating, Fireproof, High Gloss Aluminum Composite panel, etc are some of the types of panels in use today.


    The size of the panels:


    They come in a standard size of 1220 mm X 2440 mm. However, you can have them as per your measurements as well. These panels come in a range of colors as well.


    The advantages of using the panels:


    The biggest advantage is that it is light but durable. Drilling holes is also an easy job as far as these panels are concerned. The best thing about these aluminum composite panels is the cost factor.


    The cost factor:


    The aluminum composite panel price would be inexpensive. You may get the same at a nominal price of around $ 5 to $ 16 per sheet. However, the aluminum composite panel price would depend on the kind of panel you wish to buy. However, the range would be between the amounts mentioned above.


    Where can you buy them?


    In case you wish to buy from the physical store, they would be available at the hardware shops all over the town. You can also order your panel from the online shop as well. The top retailers such as,, etc have a good range of aluminum composite panels to choose.

  • Alucobond Project in China

    Alucobond Project

    Color: JY-8123 Black JY-8105 White Size: 1220mm*3050mm*4mm*0.3mm

    PVDF coated Aluminum Composite Panel

    56-cawley-street 56-cawley-street-1 56-cawley-street-2 56-cawley-street-5
  • Aluminum composite panel/ACM/ACP Project

    Aluminum composite panel project

    Color: JY-8105 White& JY-8121 Gray

    Size: 1220mm*2440mm*4mm*0.25mm

    PVDF coated Aluminum Composite Panel

    5-7-lovell-court 5-7-lovell-court-1 5-7-lovell-court-3 5-7-lovell-court-6
  • alucobond project in india

    Kingaluc aluminum composite panel project

    Offer picture by: India Kingaluc distributor

    Specification: 1220mm*4880mm*4mm

    Both side aluminum coils: 0.35mm

    PVDF coated with best core euramax-museum-pecci-prato-1-600x400

    euramax-museum-pecci-prato-2-600x400 euramax-museum-pecci-prato-3-600x400 euramax-museum-pecci-prato-4-600x400
  • ACP sheet project sample

    ACP sheet specification for this project


    PVDF coated Aluminum Composite Panel

    Best core. never crack

    jy-8106-dark-gray maastoren-0134-600x400 maastoren-0149-600x400 maastoren-0158-600x400 maastoren-0384-600x400

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