Sign Board ACP

Light weight, flat surface, high gloss, good mechanical performance, stable color under outdoor exposure, various colors, high quality and good price.

Before we can understand the usage and influence of sign board in our daily lives we need to understand an important term that is very linked with our discussion. The term is known as signage; popularized in the 1970’s the influence of signage has been on rise since the very first year it was used by different companies. Signage can essentially be defined as the design which is in the form of symbols and signs that are used to portray a certain message. In the realm of marketing and businesses signage matters a lot as messages can be portrayed to a huge number of people within minutes. The practical reality of signage transforms in the form of sign boards. Here are some of the salient features of sign boards:

Defining a Sign Board:
In essence sign board is a medium through which signs and their message can be transferred to the people.

The most common used material when it comes to sign boards is Aluminum, generally used in the form of aluminum composite panels. The major reason behind this is the strength it can take and the durability it showcases. Sign boards made from aluminum are the best simply because of the fact that they are weather resistant.
Acrylic is another beneficial material used for making sign boards. Often known as plexiglass it has properties that are quite suitable for sustaining the outside environment. Physical characteristics include strength, durability and persistence.
Medium Density Overlay (MDO) is another material that is extensively used in the process of manufacturing sign boards. The primary reason this material is used because it is efficient when it comes to making customizable boards. MDO is basically an outdoor plywood panels which have a resin impregnated fiber overlay and that continues to be fused to the surface of the panel. The overlay seems better, long, and effectively removes surface checking account.

These were some of the basic material used in the process of manufacturing of sign boards, the important thing though is to select the right material. Now, this entirely depends upon the customers usage because of the fact that we all have individual needs. Sign boards in general have to be durable and weather resistant but costs should be taken into consideration as well. The best option of all the material though is aluminum or aluminum composite material as they give the individual range and a wide variety of options to choose the best and suited according to their own needs.