Aluminum is a very light but durable metal. Aluminum panels have great use in a variety of industries. However, the aluminum composite panel is in great demand. This aluminum composite is a kind of a flat panel consisting of two aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core. This can be plastic as well. They have the use of external cladding of buildings, signage boards and for insulation purposes as well.

Thus, the aluminum panel has three layers, namely the two skin layers of aluminum and the sandwich non-aluminum layer. This makes for a rigid panel


The main features of the panel:


The aluminum composite panels have an outdoor use. Hence, you should expect these panels to have weather resistant properties. These panels are easy to maintain and use as well. They can act as a good insulator against sound. These aluminum composite panels provide protection from fire as well. The presence of three layers gives shock-absorbing qualities to the panels. These aluminum panels are renowned for their lightweight and decorative looks.


The different types of aluminum composite panels:


They come in different combinations. However, the basic structure and design are the same. PE Coating, PVDF Coating, Fireproof, High Gloss Aluminum Composite panel, etc are some of the types of panels in use today.


The size of the panels:


They come in a standard size of 1220 mm X 2440 mm. However, you can have them as per your measurements as well. These panels come in a range of colors as well.


The advantages of using the panels:


The biggest advantage is that it is light but durable. Drilling holes is also an easy job as far as these panels are concerned. The best thing about these aluminum composite panels is the cost factor.


The cost factor:


The aluminum composite panel price would be inexpensive. You may get the same at a nominal price of around $ 5 to $ 16 per sheet. However, the aluminum composite panel price would depend on the kind of panel you wish to buy. However, the range would be between the amounts mentioned above.


Where can you buy them?


In case you wish to buy from the physical store, they would be available at the hardware shops all over the town. You can also order your panel from the online shop as well. The top retailers such as,, etc have a good range of aluminum composite panels to choose.

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