Aluminium sheets have been used in the construction and interior decoration industries for many decades now. However, for the last few decades, Aluminium Composite Panels have found widespread acceptance due to their various applications. Aluminium composite panels can be used for decorating the external as well as the internal walls. These panels are made fireproof, anti-bacteria and antistatic for various uses. Going by the surface treatment that is given to these aluminium composite panels, they can mainly be classified as plain aluminium composite panels, brush finish aluminium composite panels, granite or wooden finish aluminium composite panels, baking finish aluminium composite panels and mirror finish aluminium composite panels.

Aluminium composite panels are made using high grade aluminium alloy and plastic. They are light weight and hard with a smooth finish. They come in different sizes, shapes, styles and colors for use in multiple architectural designs. Due to their light weight, hardness and long life, these panels are very popular as a decorative building material.

Some of the unique characteristics of aluminium composite panels are as given below:

  1. Aesthetics- Aluminium composite panels add to the aesthetic beauty of the exteriors and interiors equally well.
  2. Durability– These Fluorocarbon coated sturdy panels are weather resistant, heat resistant, pollution resistant and long lasting.
  3. Economic– Due to high quality coatings, these aluminium composite panels do not require frequent maintenance and save your high maintenance costs.
  4. Light weight and easy to install– Use of light weight aluminium alloy and superior quality plastics as the primary raw materials makes these panels light and easy to install.


  1. Easy cutting, bending and grooving– These aluminium composite panels are easy to cut, bend and groove for use as an ideal decorative material.
  2. Fireproof – Exterior aluminium sheet prevents heat conduction at the initial stage of combustion.
  3. Design performance– These aluminium composite panels come in multiple styles and colors to satisfy the diverse design requirements of architects.
  4. Eco-friendliness- The coatings and paints used are lead-free to make these panels eco-friendly.

Aluminium composite panels find application in the undernoted places:

Walls of airports, railway stations, hotels, recreation spots, docks, metros, villas, offices and other buildings.

Shop windows, bookstalls, filling stations, big billboards, roadside kiosks, telephone booths and traffic sentry boxes.

Decoration pillars, furniture, trains, automobiles, ships and carriages.

Internal walls, compartments, kitchens, ceilings and toilets.

With every passing day, the use of aluminium composite panels in renovation and reconstruction of old buildings is also increasing at a fast pace.

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