• Applications and advantages of fireproof aluminum panels

    Aluminum has become very popular in the construction industry because of its lightness and corrosion resistant properties. Aluminum does not burn and hence the fireproof aluminum panels have attracted the attention of all major industries.

    We shall look at some advantages and applications of fireproof aluminum panels during the course of this article.

    The biggest advantage of using aluminum alloys in the construction industry is that they can resist huge fires. Aluminum alloys can melt at temperatures exceeding 650oC. However, they do not release harmful gasses that pollute the atmosphere. In addition, you can recycle aluminum products. This proves the economic viability of using fireproof aluminum panels.

    These fireproof aluminum panels are corrosion free. They have a special quality whereby they form a protective oxide layer over the surface. This oxide layer protects these panels from rust and corrosion. Hence, these fireproof aluminum panels have great use in constructions in areas having excessive humidity. Such areas can include bridges, offshore projects, swimming pool roofs, and hydraulic structures.

    Another advantage of these panels is that they are extremely light. Transportation of these fireproof aluminum panels is easy. Therefore, you can find a use for these panels in construction of sewage crane bridges and moving bridges.

    Aluminum is renowned for its versatility. Molding them in any shape is possible. On one hand, you have huge structures having aluminum as its main construction material. On the other hand, you have thin aluminum foils for preserving perishable items such as food.

    Aluminum is a great conductor of electricity. It is significantly lighter than copper. Therefore, you can have more wires for the same weight. The electrical transmission towers today use aluminum structures instead of copper fittings. The fireproof qualities of aluminum play a great hand in this choice.

    Aluminum does not require much maintenance. Hence, it has use in construction of structures having special purposes like antennas and lighting towers.

    Aluminum has a very special quality. Recycling aluminum is easier in comparison with production of new aluminum from bauxite. There are no environmental hazards when you attempt to recycle aluminum. This makes it the favorite of the civil engineering fraternity.

    These fireproof panels have the quality of reflecting light and heat in good measure. Therefore, they have use in the interiors of modern buildings. This makes these panels conserve huge amounts of light energy. They can keep the cold out by preventing the heat inside the room from escaping.

    These were some of the advantages and applications of fireproof aluminum panels.

  • The benefits of aluminum composite panel cladding

    Steel is the most important metal in use in the construction industry. Next to steel, aluminum has become the most popular. Until recently, the building constructors used aluminum for window frames, partitions, scaffolding work, etc. With the invention of the aluminum composite panel, they have started using the aluminum panels for cladding as well.

    In simple terms, aluminum composite panel cladding would entail the fitting of aluminum panels to the exteriors of a building to enhance its beauty and durability as well.

    There are many advantages of using the aluminum composite panel cladding process. We shall see some of them during the course of this article.

    Aluminum is renowned for its durability. It can withstand all the vagaries of weather such as extreme heat, cold, and the rains as well. It is corrosion proof and fireproof. The aluminum panels can protect from the harmful effects of the UV rays as well. Therefore, these aluminum composite panels have a long life.

    Aluminum is a flexible material. You would be able to mold it in a variety of ways. You can have these panels as flat or curved as well making them the perfect material for the cladding. You can manufacture the panels to fit the contours of the walls. Drilling holes through these panels would also be easy. Hence, attaching the same to the existing concrete wall should be easy.

    The aluminum panels you see on the building facades today are anodized panels. You would be able to paint these panels in a variety of colors. Thus, these panels have a great decorative effect as well. Cleaning the panels would also be easy because of the water resistant properties of aluminum.

    These aluminum composite panels can reflect light in a very efficient manner. Hence, you can use the cladding process for the interiors and false ceilings as well.

    Aluminum does not burn. Hence, these aluminum composite panels are fireproof. However, in temperatures exceeding 650 degrees Centigrade, aluminum can melt. Nevertheless, they do not release obnoxious fumes and gasses. Hence, it is safe from the environmental protection aspect as well.

    The aluminum composite panel cladding is very light in weight. This is the biggest advantage of these panels. Hence, from the durability as well as the decorative point of view, these panels have great utility as the cladding material.

    This explains the growth in the popularity of the aluminum composite panel cladding of the exterior walls of a building.

  • Alucobond Project in China

    Alucobond Project

    Color: JY-8123 Black JY-8105 White Size: 1220mm*3050mm*4mm*0.3mm

    PVDF coated Aluminum Composite Panel

    56-cawley-street 56-cawley-street-1 56-cawley-street-2 56-cawley-street-5
  • Aluminum composite panel/ACM/ACP Project

    Aluminum composite panel project

    Color: JY-8105 White& JY-8121 Gray

    Size: 1220mm*2440mm*4mm*0.25mm

    PVDF coated Aluminum Composite Panel

    5-7-lovell-court 5-7-lovell-court-1 5-7-lovell-court-3 5-7-lovell-court-6
  • alucobond project in india

    Kingaluc aluminum composite panel project

    Offer picture by: India Kingaluc distributor

    Specification: 1220mm*4880mm*4mm

    Both side aluminum coils: 0.35mm

    PVDF coated with best core euramax-museum-pecci-prato-1-600x400

    euramax-museum-pecci-prato-2-600x400 euramax-museum-pecci-prato-3-600x400 euramax-museum-pecci-prato-4-600x400
  • ACP sheet project sample

    ACP sheet specification for this project


    PVDF coated Aluminum Composite Panel

    Best core. never crack

    jy-8106-dark-gray maastoren-0134-600x400 maastoren-0149-600x400 maastoren-0158-600x400 maastoren-0384-600x400
  • Kingaluc aluminum composite panel project in Indonesia

    Kingaluc aluminum composite panel project in Indonesia

    ACP sheet specification


    PVDF coated Aluminum Composite Panel jy-8103-champagne

    3 2 1
  • South Africa Exhibition

    South Africa Exhibition

    Mainly products:

    PE/PVDF coated ACP;Brushed ACP

    Wooden/Marble ACP;Mirror ACP

    kingalu-acp-1 kingalu-acp-2kingalu-acp-3
  • Marketing test,Visit Algeria

    African market sales manager field trips to Algeria market

    Main market:

    Algiers;  Bousaada  Souk Ahras  Constantine

    Ouargla  El Eulma   Touggourt

    kingaluc-acp-8 kingaluc-acp-7 kingaluc-acp-4 kingaluc-acp-6
  • Guangzhou Canton Fair

    Guangzhou Canton Fair,

    Booth No: C Area-15.3C24. Professional ACP/ACM Manufacturer,

    Shandong Jiyu Building Materials Co., Ltd.

    waiting for your coming

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