• This building is covered in decorative panels made from concrete

    You need to do something different for people to sit up and take notice. This is the main idea behind this decorative façade on a building in Tourcoing, France. In the normal course, if you have a bank on the ground floor with eight apartments on the first and second floors, who would have given it much importance?

    However, you bring in an innovation such as decorating the exteriors as well as the interiors with decorative panels made from concrete. Immediately, people start becoming curious and take time to admire the beauty. The idea might be a simple one but it is innovative by all means.

    The property developer assigned this task to the renowned architect firm, D’Houndt and Bajart. The first part of the job is to decide on the design. The fact that one of the occupants of the construction was a bank made it easy for them. They got the inspiration for the design from the delicate drawings of the guilloche. As a matter of fact, guilloche is the intricate drawings and pattern on the currency notes that resembles braided ribbons. Using this inspiration, they created specific molds for each decorative panel.

    Once the molds are ready, all you have to do is to pour concrete over them and allow it to cure. On drying, you remove them and have your decorative panels ready for installation. The following job is a simple one of attaching these panels to the exteriors of the building in a manner similar to affixing tiles to the bathroom walls. The result is a beautiful structure that looks not only lovely but also creative.

    The beauty of the design is that you can use it to decorate the interiors as well as the main door of the lobby. This design can surely make heads turn resulting in the building becoming a sort of a landmark in the town.

  • 11 decorative plates that talk art

    Looking for the best way to give your wall or kitchen decor a stylish, charming accent with decorative plates or decorative bowls? Here are some of the most perfect plates for your interior designs.

    1 - Flat Plate by Beachcrest Home - $1,222.50

    The Flat Plate is manufactured in Italy, incorporating a traditional style and going for an abstract theme which goes well if there are other abstract elements in the interior. The plate has an oval shape and is made from Murano glass with a red color with shades of orange.

    2 - Abyss Plate by Cyan Designs - $810.00

    With an oval based design rather than going for the orthodox round shape, the theme is abstract and the material used is a spectacularly high-grade glass. The color is a sort of blue with a bit of transparency. Manufactured in China, The Abyss Plate can prove to be a nice addition to interior design if used correctly. It doesn’t come with the stand and is best suitable for indoors.

    3 - Malachite Flat Plate by Global Views - $747.50

    With a beautiful pattern applied by hand, the fused glass flat plate has striking pieces that are just as beautiful as decorative accents or as serving pieces. This plate fits rather well  into the Greek Key Plate Stand. The Malachite Flat Plate is a part of the Malachite Collection which itself is a luxury to have. It is food safe. The stand, however, is sold separately.

    4 - Seascape Decorative Plate by Cyan Design - $740.00

    Made in China, The Seascape Decorative Plate has an Oval design. Using high-grade glass, it has an abstract theme. It doesn’t come with its own stand. The color is deep-blue with a bit of transparency.

    5 - Chrysanthemum Charger by Global Views - $722.50

    Going for a round shape and with a theme of nature, incorporating a contemporary style and using ceramic material. The Chrysanthemum Charger, with its gold color with matte finish, is manufactured in China; outdoor use; dust with a dry cloth

    6 - Beachcomber Plate by Cyan Design - $672.50

    Made in  China, It has an amazing Sky Blue color, using high-grade glass, incorporating an abstract theme, going for a Coastal feel. It is an excellent choice for an interior decorative plate.

    7 - Shibori Charger by Global Views - $622.50

    Made in Portugal, incorporating a contemporary style and going for an abstract theme. The plate has a round shape and is made from glass with a yellow/grey color.

    8 - Three Dreams Decorative Plate by Cyan Design - $522.50

    Made in China, incorporating an abstract style and going for an abstract theme as well. The plate has a diverse shape and is made from glass with a green/blue color.

    9 - Spark Charger by Global Views - $497.50

    Going for a holiday theme, made in Italy, incorporating an contemporary style, the plate has a diverse round and is made from glass with a nice blue color.

    10 - Art Glass Plate in Turquoise by Cyan Design - $497.50

    The Art Glass Plate is manufactured in China, incorporating a contemporary style and going for an holiday theme as well. The plate has an oval shape and is made from glass with a Turquoise color.

    11 - Swirl Round Canary Glass Charger by Latitude Run - $497.50

    Having an abstract theme, made in Italy, incorporating an contemporary style, the plate has a even round and is made from glass with a beautiful Canary color.


  • How to Paint Wood-Paneling

    Sometimes in life you meet someone and you two instantly click, and before you know it both of you are at the altar saying “I do”. This is something everybody goes through and I’m pretty sure you have too; after that you two wanted kids, you tried and now you two are expecting. Thankfully you had made enough money in your life that you can afford a nice house for you and your family, you could buy a house. You had a really great offer but the only thing that’s off putting is the wood paneling that looks like its straight out of the 1970s, of course it can be worked on so you take the house and now want to work on fixing that little problem. This is how you paint your wooden panels:


    Start by cleaning the wooden panels with a damp rag. This will remove any dirt or dust as well as remove any oil or grease, though for maximum effect use some sort of cleaner along with it.


    Next up you apply the putty and fill any small holes and imperfections that are on the surface. Allow this to dry and then proceed to the next step.


    Sand the paneling with 100 grit sandpaper using a pole sander, sanding block, or orbital sander. This will take the sheen off the finish, which will allow the paint to adhere to it better. Don't get carried away and sand the surface down to the bare wood -- just enough to rough up the existing finish. Do the same to wood trims in additions to wooden panels, just use a hand sander. Clean the walls with a damp cloth when completed.


    Cover the floor with drop cloths, and mask any areas you wish to protect with painter's tape.

    Roller selection:

    Use a roller with a medium nap to paint the paneling. It should have a long enough nap to fill the vertical grooves in the paneling, but short enough to leave a smooth surface.

    Primer and paint:

    You can’t just go ahead and apply paint to the wood, that will be very sloppy work indeed. You need to prime it first with a latex stain blocking primer; once the primer has dried, topcoat it with two coats of latex wall paint.

    Repeat for Trim:

    Prime the trim with a primer. Topcoat the trim using either oil or latex enamel as desired.


    That is the end for a step by step walkthrough on how to paint wood paneling. To paint wooden panels requires a lot of time and energy, but the end result looks great. And compared to the alternative it requires the least effort, I.e removing the wall completely and putting in a drywall. In any case, you now know enough to take care of any paint jobs on wooden panels you may possibly have. If you’re not really confident about it, you can always hire a professional.

  • Aluminum Composite Panel Installation

    Aluminum Composite Panel is a panel made of two aluminum sheets which are thin and which are bonded to a non-aluminum core. They are mainly used in architecture for both external and internal partitions. They are also used for signage and insulation. The core should not be flammable as it can cause problems as a building material.

    The Panels are produced in a broad range of non-metallic and metallic colors and patterns that liken other materials such as marble and wood. Polyethylene which is a material of low density is commonly used as the core.

    Aluminum Composite Panel installation guideline

    • Use VHT Tape which has two sides for effective installation. This is because these tapes eliminate the needs of using screws and rivets. They also make a smooth, clean appearance.
    • Ensure 55cm2 of VHB tape/kilogram is be used for static dead load support. Also, factor in the wind Loads if you are going to use these panels externally.
    • Surface coat the metals with paint and primers to alter their service energy. In so doing, you will have done an adhesion and surface preparation.
    • Ensure the tape width is the approximate size to allow transfer of wind load on the composite panel to the building structure.
    • Determine the tape width which is appropriate for perimeter bonded panels. This will ensure that you have the exact width tape for permanent loads-dead load holding.
    • Calculate the amount of possible thermal joint movement due to differences in thermal expansion between the metal frame and the panel. This will ensure that you have the exact tape thickness and provision for movement.
    • Establish an appropriate work area free from dirt, dust, etc. This is because the tape will bond strongly to the surface it contacts.
    • Maintain the temperature of the working place at 15oc.

    Installation process

    • Prepare the surface properly by ensuring no contaminant at all even fingerprints.
    • Handle the tape at the edges and apply it to the prepared surface aligned with the edge then apply pressure to it to ensure proper surface contact.
    • Install the panel in one weeks’ time.
    • Push the panel on to tape and make sure it is in contact with the tacky tape surface which is exposed.
    • Apply final pressure to all the bond area of the panel.
    • Apply silicone sealant around the panels’ entire perimeter. It acts as weather sealant and protects the VHB tape from cleaning agents which are potentially aggressive.




  • How to Recolor Aluminum Composite Panels

    One of the most asked questions to manufacturers of Aluminum Composite panels is whether their panels come in many colors and whether there is a possibility of re-coloring them. It is an important question though to every consumer of such products.

    To recolor panels is just an easy straight forward affair that does not require any great master skill. Aluminum Composite Panels have two common methods of re-coloring. These are spray painting and flood coat in sign vinyl.

    The quickest way of changing the color of these panels is laminating the aluminum in sign vinyl. The quality of the final product after spray painting depends on your patience, skill, and effort that you dedicate to the work. Either way, you can choose the method that you prefer. Below we are going to discuss the spray painting method of re-coloring Aluminum Composite Panels

    Spray Painting

    • Place the Aluminum panel on rubber or mat to prevent its surface from been scratched in a place away from direct sunlight. The place must be well ventilated too.
    • Clean the aluminum surface thoroughly with soap and water. This is to remove the grime and grease.
    • Use an 180 to 220 grit sandpaper to polish the surface of the aluminum.
    • Use a plastic container to mix the primer components
    • Use a filter funnel to filter the mixed primer into the paint can of the spray gun.
    • Ensure to protect yourself before you begin spraying. Wear protective eyewear to protect your eyes then apply etch primer to the surface of the aluminum using the paint spray gun. Etching primers are not used to fill scratches, but they create an adhesion surface on the aluminum metal surface.
    • Choose the color you prefer. Ensure the paint nozzle is perpendicular and about 10 to 13 inches to the surface of the aluminum.
    • All through, adjust the equipment as you would and perform a spray test. To ensure even application of the paint, move in along straight strokes while applying the paint.
    • To protect the aluminum composite panel from weather variations, finish the work with a coat of paint enamel.
    • When spraying the paint, always paint a thin layer first and where needed add additional layers later. This is because a heavy coat of paint peels easily when dry and it may dry unevenly.
  • Applications and advantages of fireproof aluminum panels

    Aluminum has become very popular in the construction industry because of its lightness and corrosion resistant properties. Aluminum does not burn and hence the fireproof aluminum panels have attracted the attention of all major industries.

    We shall look at some advantages and applications of fireproof aluminum panels during the course of this article.

    The biggest advantage of using aluminum alloys in the construction industry is that they can resist huge fires. Aluminum alloys can melt at temperatures exceeding 650oC. However, they do not release harmful gasses that pollute the atmosphere. In addition, you can recycle aluminum products. This proves the economic viability of using fireproof aluminum panels.

    These fireproof aluminum panels are corrosion free. They have a special quality whereby they form a protective oxide layer over the surface. This oxide layer protects these panels from rust and corrosion. Hence, these fireproof aluminum panels have great use in constructions in areas having excessive humidity. Such areas can include bridges, offshore projects, swimming pool roofs, and hydraulic structures.

    Another advantage of these panels is that they are extremely light. Transportation of these fireproof aluminum panels is easy. Therefore, you can find a use for these panels in construction of sewage crane bridges and moving bridges.

    Aluminum is renowned for its versatility. Molding them in any shape is possible. On one hand, you have huge structures having aluminum as its main construction material. On the other hand, you have thin aluminum foils for preserving perishable items such as food.

    Aluminum is a great conductor of electricity. It is significantly lighter than copper. Therefore, you can have more wires for the same weight. The electrical transmission towers today use aluminum structures instead of copper fittings. The fireproof qualities of aluminum play a great hand in this choice.

    Aluminum does not require much maintenance. Hence, it has use in construction of structures having special purposes like antennas and lighting towers.

    Aluminum has a very special quality. Recycling aluminum is easier in comparison with production of new aluminum from bauxite. There are no environmental hazards when you attempt to recycle aluminum. This makes it the favorite of the civil engineering fraternity.

    These fireproof panels have the quality of reflecting light and heat in good measure. Therefore, they have use in the interiors of modern buildings. This makes these panels conserve huge amounts of light energy. They can keep the cold out by preventing the heat inside the room from escaping.

    These were some of the advantages and applications of fireproof aluminum panels.

  • The benefits of aluminum composite panel cladding

    Steel is the most important metal in use in the construction industry. Next to steel, aluminum has become the most popular. Until recently, the building constructors used aluminum for window frames, partitions, scaffolding work, etc. With the invention of the aluminum composite panel, they have started using the aluminum panels for cladding as well.

    In simple terms, aluminum composite panel cladding would entail the fitting of aluminum panels to the exteriors of a building to enhance its beauty and durability as well.

    There are many advantages of using the aluminum composite panel cladding process. We shall see some of them during the course of this article.

    Aluminum is renowned for its durability. It can withstand all the vagaries of weather such as extreme heat, cold, and the rains as well. It is corrosion proof and fireproof. The aluminum panels can protect from the harmful effects of the UV rays as well. Therefore, these aluminum composite panels have a long life.

    Aluminum is a flexible material. You would be able to mold it in a variety of ways. You can have these panels as flat or curved as well making them the perfect material for the cladding. You can manufacture the panels to fit the contours of the walls. Drilling holes through these panels would also be easy. Hence, attaching the same to the existing concrete wall should be easy.

    The aluminum panels you see on the building facades today are anodized panels. You would be able to paint these panels in a variety of colors. Thus, these panels have a great decorative effect as well. Cleaning the panels would also be easy because of the water resistant properties of aluminum.

    These aluminum composite panels can reflect light in a very efficient manner. Hence, you can use the cladding process for the interiors and false ceilings as well.

    Aluminum does not burn. Hence, these aluminum composite panels are fireproof. However, in temperatures exceeding 650 degrees Centigrade, aluminum can melt. Nevertheless, they do not release obnoxious fumes and gasses. Hence, it is safe from the environmental protection aspect as well.

    The aluminum composite panel cladding is very light in weight. This is the biggest advantage of these panels. Hence, from the durability as well as the decorative point of view, these panels have great utility as the cladding material.

    This explains the growth in the popularity of the aluminum composite panel cladding of the exterior walls of a building.

  • Alucobond Project in China

    Alucobond Project

    Color: JY-8123 Black JY-8105 White Size: 1220mm*3050mm*4mm*0.3mm

    PVDF coated Aluminum Composite Panel

    56-cawley-street 56-cawley-street-1 56-cawley-street-2 56-cawley-street-5
  • Aluminum composite panel/ACM/ACP Project

    Aluminum composite panel project

    Color: JY-8105 White& JY-8121 Gray

    Size: 1220mm*2440mm*4mm*0.25mm

    PVDF coated Aluminum Composite Panel

    5-7-lovell-court 5-7-lovell-court-1 5-7-lovell-court-3 5-7-lovell-court-6
  • alucobond project in india

    Kingaluc aluminum composite panel project

    Offer picture by: India Kingaluc distributor

    Specification: 1220mm*4880mm*4mm

    Both side aluminum coils: 0.35mm

    PVDF coated with best core euramax-museum-pecci-prato-1-600x400

    euramax-museum-pecci-prato-2-600x400 euramax-museum-pecci-prato-3-600x400 euramax-museum-pecci-prato-4-600x400

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