Metal structures

  • 15 Details of Metal Structures and Facades for Residential Projects

    For centuries people have been using mud, stone, and concrete for building houses everywhere in the world. You need a sense of innovation as otherwise the constructions could become monotonous. Steel and metal structures offer such an innovative change. In recent times, man had started using steel structures for building facades for residential houses. Let us look at 15 such metal structures and facades.


    1. Caterpillar House


    The Caterpillar House designed by architect Sebastian Irarrazaval uses shipping containers to serve as houses. Instead of using the normal bricks and concrete, he has aesthetically used shipping containers to build houses in the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Chile.


    1. Shokan House


    Designed by Jay Bargmann, the Shokan House in the firests of the Catskills Mountains in New York is a magnificent experience using steel and glass to build the house. The advantage of such a house is that it does little damage to the natural environment while offering a breathtaking view of the forests from all sides.


    1. House Pegasus


    The House Pegasus designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is a magnificent structure that lies partly underground. It uses the shipping containers as its main construction material. The design gives you a great experience of living underground. The stacking of shipping containers is done in such a way that the portions below the ground are not visible at all from outside, thus adding to the mystique.


    1. Single House in Haut


    The Single House in Haut is the perfect example of using modern methods of architecture to combine with the existing traditional stone house resulting in a magnificent structure of steel and glass. The beauty of the experiment is that you have a great blend of the modern and the traditional.


    You have seen the details of four such designs having metal structures instead of brick and concrete. There are other examples as follows.

    1. House on Todos Los Santos Lake
    2. Casa Gate
    3. RR House
    4. House V
    5. Tinman House
    6. LLM House
    7. VIMOB
    8. House in Salineiras
    9. H House
    10. House JP
    11. BLM House


    Each of these houses is magnificent in its own way. You can also call it as innovation at its best.


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