Working towards to Company goals for ensuring that its product gets to every corners of the globe, Jiyu Building Company Limited offers a wide range of customer satisfaction by ensuring price control for all its products in the global market. With over 65,000 customers from over 40 different countries. These has proven that Jiyu has gone beyond typical support with personal coaching and resources which makes the difference.

    Jiyu Company Limited based on composite Aluminium offers a wide range of products for our customers which includes: Polyester Aluminium Composite Panel (PE ACP), Fireproof Aluminium Composite Panel, PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel, High Gloss Aluminium composite panel, Brushed Aluminium Composite Panel, Stone/Marble Aluminium Composite Panel, Modeling  Aluminium Composite Panel, Digital Printing Aluminium Composite Panel, Matt Aluminium Composite Panel, Nano Aluminium Composite Panel, Mirror Aluminium Composite Panel etc.

    Due to the adoption of German aluminium composite panel thermal laminating Line, Less workers and energy are used, so the price of our products will be lower than other companies due to cost savings. We also have professional engineers and designers that will help you understand the production and design of the products. With our scientific management, the cost gets controlled effectively so that the price of our products will be highly competitive.

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    Shandong Jiyu Building Materials Co., Ltd is an Aluminum Composite Panel manufacturer and supplier based in Linyi City Shandong Province China. Shandong Jiyu building Materials is a well-known brand in China. They have over 20 years of experience in exterior wall PVDF coated panel and interior wall PE coated panel. With the right kind of products, people can enjoy comfortable, and classy houses with the best aluminum composite panel.

    The company are the world leading manufacturer and the leader in China's aluminum and metal composite materials. With their products sold to more than 40,000 stores worldwide. Jiyu also leads the industry's e-commerce business through a strong presence on aluminum and composite material manufacturing and supply. The composite aluminum and other items that are offered by the company are of very good quality and can be used for a long period of time. People who are passionate about the best reefing panels can browse through the website and buy the perfect aluminum composite products.

    "To keep up with the ever-moving industry, environment & economic climate as a company we must keep investing in the future and Bearings Supplies to the customers in mind. The company website offers the latest innovative sales tool. Directing customers / trader to our bearing products on line will speed up our enquiry / sales process.

    About Shandong Jiyu Building Materials Co

    Jiyu Building Materials co are always looking for the best materials for aluminum for the ever-changing market. Our top quality and popular brand aluminum composite panel sales to more than 40 countries. Being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminum and metal composite materials. Our light, rigid ACP and Sign Board panels have inspired new aesthetics and enabled new design possibilities over more than forty years of use.

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  • What is Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel? What is it used for?

    What’s the worst thing that can happen with your enterprise? It being subjected to natural or manmade disasters. No I’ll be honest with you, the disasters are pretty bad regardless of who or what you are. Even with the convenience we have today thanks to technology and science, we are still subjected to Mother Nature’s wrath. However, we have made some progress in the race to avoid destruction of our property at the hands of such disasters, particularly fire. Fire related disasters are some of the most common disasters we face in our lives. And they can cause significant damage to our property and our lives in general. Fortunately we have a solution to this problem, which lies in the variant of the Aluminum Composite Panel.

    Difference between fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel and regular Aluminum Composite Panel:

    In essence the regular variant and the Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel are similar in construction, the difference lies within the fire retardants in the makeup of the latter. Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel have substances such as aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide in their makeup which allows them to resist flames for a little while.


    Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panels are just like their regular counterparts except the difference is that they wont catch fire and can tolerate a lot of heat. They have all the standard properties of a regular ACP, along with fire resistant properties. They are strong, durable, flexible and light just like regular ACP, with the addition of the capacity to resist flames for a while. They are used in external and internal architectural cladding or partitions, false ceilings, signage, machine coverings, container constructions, etc. They are also used in Decorative renovation for storey-added old buildings and  making of Advertisement board, shop face decorating, display platforms and signboards. As you can guess the signs are displayed in a place where they are subjected to a variety of environmental conditions (including extreme outdoor heat), from rain to hail to sunshine to snow and what not. The properties of the fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel make it able to withstand all that punishment. Plus in the event of a fire, there is no damage to the sign. They are also used to make Wallboard and ceilings for tunnels; Circular columns for outside use.  Now there are a lot of other materials available for the construction of sign boards and othr uses that I have llisted above, but fireproof ACP remains a favorite among manufacturers because when we come down to the cost of the materials involved aluminum and polyethylene is much cheaper. There are different thicknesses in which the material is available, but this thickness does not affect its final application.

    There are many other materials available in the market, but this material is an all rounder in many regards. We have seen its many uses in this article, and it continues to be used in such uses.

  • Decorative 3D Wall Panels You Should Not Miss

    If you are looking for a great source of decoration that provides an extra beauty to interior walls of your home, then 3D decorative panels is one of the best options to consider. These wall panels are easy to install and are eco-friendly. It gives the look and feel that two- dimensional coatings, panels, and wallpapers cannot be matched. Different patterns providing a natural look to waves or bubbles on water brings a sense of movement on a blank interior wall. Use of accent color brings changing of shadows as day turns its position to night.

    There is the usage of bamboo, plastic, reinforced gypsum, bio based materials. and sugarcane waste. These panels provide unique beautification to home. Its looks are completely different in appearance.


    These famous 3D decorative wall panels can be installed in tile format adding beautification to the home walls. These panels are strong enough but its use in the frequent mechanical area is avoided. Good option to provide decoration to walls; not so good for balconies.

    These wall panels can be easily affixed on a wall. The panels are made out of high-quality gypsum. Using different forms of up and down light, each textured wall is attractive when it is illuminated. This type of interior wall’s successfulness is very much depended on the exterior of a house being properly waterproofed.


    These panels are best to be used in living room, bedrooms, and offices. It is necessary that the concerned area should be away from moisture.


    Decorating of walls with wooden 3D wall panels with existing decorative design or texture either covers the entire wall or part of it and this will provide extra beauty to home walls. Wooden wall paneling and beautiful wood floor is the best way to bring interior with a modern design having traditional outlook. 3D wall panel technology offers new and creative ways that are both attractive and traditional.


    These 3D panels are of a special kind and are very soft to touch and require special maintenance. The basis of its creation is soft furniture and it is very soft to touch and requires proper care. Today they are in the shape of rectangle and square. These 3D wall panels are mostly used in the interior decoration of wall of restaurant and nightclubs.

    It is very important that you should have the availability of professional cleaner at your home, who will take his proper responsibility in its cleanliness. Each panel is highly precious and may break if abused.

  • Aluminum panels – Signboards

    If you just glance through the streets of any city in the world, the number of aluminum signage boards can overwhelm you. In recent times, aluminum has become the most common metal for the manufacturing of signboards. It has overtaken the use of plastic in this industry. There are a number of reasons why people prefer to have aluminum signboards.

    Light in weight: Aluminum is a very light metal. However, the introduction of the aluminum composite panels makes it the perfect choice for having it as signboard material. Compared to iron or steel, aluminum is very light and hence makes the best material for designing signboards.

    Weather resistant qualities: The biggest advantage of aluminum is that it is an extremely weather resistant metal. It does not rust. It can withstand extreme cold as well as heat and winds. Rainfall does not have any effect on the aluminum panels. Hence, they have a great utility as signboards all over the world.

    Flexibility: Aluminum is a malleable and ductile metal. Hence, it is very flexible. You can mold it into various shapes and designs. You can bend it to give it a curved look.

    Easy to color: You can use a variety of colors on aluminum. It can look great as the different kinds of inks can give it a spectacular appearance. You can also use powder coating on aluminum to increase its attractiveness quotient.

    Thicker signage boards: Aluminum is a light metal, but the composite aluminum panels make it heavier. Hence, they have a better use as a signboard.

    Economic: Aluminum is an inexpensive metal when compared to steel. Secondly aluminum is environmentally friendly as well. You can recycle the aluminum easily as compared to others.

    These factors make the aluminum composite panels as the best materials for having signboards. Hence, you see them as very popular all over the world.

  • Aluminum composite panels: Industrial use

    Aluminum has wide industrial uses. It is one of the most versatile metals that are not only light but also flexible. Aluminum has fantastic weather resistant capacities. Hence, you see the extensive use of aluminum in the construction industry, car manufacturing industry, and other industries as well.

    A single sheet of aluminum can be very light and hence might serve the purpose in the industries mentioned above. However, the composite aluminum panel comprising of a soft core sandwiched between two layers of aluminum has excellent applications. Some of the most common industrial uses of the composite aluminum panels are as follows.

    Construction industry: The aluminum composite panels make excellent building facades. There are two primary reasons for the popularity of aluminum composite panels in the construction industry. One is that they look very attractive and secondly, the aluminum can withstand the toughest of weather conditions. They have a great decorative presence. It is very easy to divert the rain water or the wind from the building façade and prevents its entry into the structure.

    Automobile industry: Aluminum composite panels have great utility in the car manufacturing industry. In recent times, you can find the bodies and panels of literally every car is made of aluminum. The fact that it is easy to use a range of colors on them makes it very attractive. In addition, they are very light and hence this improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

    Aircraft manufacturing: Virtually, all aircraft are made from these aluminum compact panels. Once again you can see the lightness of the metal clinches the deal in favor of aluminum. It can withstand severe temperature changes and is extremely light when compared to other comparable metals.

    We have seen the use of aluminum compact panels in three industries. However, they have a wide ranging demand and use.

  • France officially opens world's first solar panel road

    It’s time to forget about solar roofs. Because the world’s very first solar road is here, constructed in the small village of Tourouvre-au-Perche in Normandy, France. The 1 kilometer road was opened yesterday by The Minister of Ecology Ségolène Royal and could potentially generate enough electricity to power the street lights. Normandy is not known for its surfeit of sunshine: Caen, the region’s political capital, enjoys just 44 days of strong sunshine a year compared with 170 in Marseilles

    The total cost taken to construct the solar panel road was roundabout $5.2 million price and took 30,000 square feet of solar panels. The panels have been covered in a silicon-based resin that allows them to withstand the weight of passing big rigs. Royal even has expressed that he wants to see solar panels installed across 1,000 kilometers of French highway. The road will be used by about 2,000 motorists, which include almost all types of traffic, heavy and light, day during a two-year test period to establish if or not it can generate enough energy to provide electric power to street lights in the village of 3,400 residents.

    There are several issues that pop up, however. For one, flat solar panels are less effective as compared to the angled panels that are commonly installed on roofs, and they’re also massively more expensive than traditional panels. Colas is the name of the company that has installed the road and hopes to reduce the cost of the panels going forward and it has around 100 solar panel road projects in progress around the world. Normandy’s Wattway required a staggering amount of $5.2 million to build, which means that each kilowatt peak it produces costs $17.74 compared to the $1.36 per kilowatt cost of a conventional solar roof. Experts recon this might prove quite inefficient, but that’s what the test is about.

    Solar Roadway is another company that is looking towards building roads with solar panels, and it installed a small number of panels at the Route 66 Welcome Center in Conway, Missouri during the early part of this year. Still, they’re facing the same heavy seemingly insurmountable cost problems as Colas and the French.

    Maybe those solar roofs from Tesla are the better way to go after all.

    We’re in a new solar experimental phase right now, as governments assess way to incorporate practical solar energy with existing infrastructure, and without causing a big environmental impact. And that’s great, because it means that governments, not only the French but others as well, are finally taking this seriously.

    More about kingaluc

  • 15 Details of Metal Structures and Facades for Residential Projects

    For centuries people have been using mud, stone, and concrete for building houses everywhere in the world. You need a sense of innovation as otherwise the constructions could become monotonous. Steel and metal structures offer such an innovative change. In recent times, man had started using steel structures for building facades for residential houses. Let us look at 15 such metal structures and facades.


    1. Caterpillar House


    The Caterpillar House designed by architect Sebastian Irarrazaval uses shipping containers to serve as houses. Instead of using the normal bricks and concrete, he has aesthetically used shipping containers to build houses in the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Chile.


    1. Shokan House


    Designed by Jay Bargmann, the Shokan House in the firests of the Catskills Mountains in New York is a magnificent experience using steel and glass to build the house. The advantage of such a house is that it does little damage to the natural environment while offering a breathtaking view of the forests from all sides.


    1. House Pegasus


    The House Pegasus designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is a magnificent structure that lies partly underground. It uses the shipping containers as its main construction material. The design gives you a great experience of living underground. The stacking of shipping containers is done in such a way that the portions below the ground are not visible at all from outside, thus adding to the mystique.


    1. Single House in Haut


    The Single House in Haut is the perfect example of using modern methods of architecture to combine with the existing traditional stone house resulting in a magnificent structure of steel and glass. The beauty of the experiment is that you have a great blend of the modern and the traditional.


    You have seen the details of four such designs having metal structures instead of brick and concrete. There are other examples as follows.

    1. House on Todos Los Santos Lake
    2. Casa Gate
    3. RR House
    4. House V
    5. Tinman House
    6. LLM House
    7. VIMOB
    8. House in Salineiras
    9. H House
    10. House JP
    11. BLM House


    Each of these houses is magnificent in its own way. You can also call it as innovation at its best.


  • New Twist on an Old Dresser with decorative aluminum sheet

    Let’s face it, no one wants to be that person who’s out of fashion. So we make great efforts to stay in style, we buy the latest clothes, accessories, some even buy electronic gadgets out of fashion, we even style our homes to be more fashionable. We would buy the style of couch that is popular these days, for example, if striped drapes were out of fashion and floral drapes were in, we’d go for the floral drapes, right? I thought so too. Now, we make tremendous amounts of effort decorating the living room, the kitchen, even the bathroom, but the bedroom gets a little less attention compared to the rest. Despite that, we do try to make our bedrooms as stylish as possible, and like the name suggests, the main focus is the bed. But let me tell you something else, other than the obvious, one of the main components of a bedroom is the dresser. If your dresser is old then all your décor and styling would be for nothing, but what you can do is put a new twist on an old dresser with a decorative aluminum sheet.

    You can get all kinds of aluminum sheets for this purpose. There are the patterned versions available, plain versions, etc. Once you have acquired a few sheets, then the creative bit starts. In case you picked out the patterned version, then depending on the color of the dresser you can match up and stick a sheet on a drawer. Now color coding is very important in making the decision over here, you cannot stick a shiny aluminum sheet on a dark brown wooden dresser. Not unless you want to stick that piece out like a sore thumb. But if that dresser was in a brighter color, then a patterned aluminum sheet would have matched quite well.

    Now for the plain aluminum sheet. As we have done patterned sheets with colorful dressers, now for something more plain. So lets say the dresser in question is of dark brown color, just like we have previously discussed. But it doesn’t match with the rest of the décor and looks too plain as compared to rest of the bedroom. How do we turn this around? Take a plain aluminum sheet, and apply it around the borders of the drawers. In a way you will be accenting the whole piece, and that will give it a whole new touch to the thing.

    Of course if you have a creative mind then the possibilities are endless, but these were just to get you started on the designs. The rest will come to you as you experiment along the way. But remember only one thing before you dive in head first, it all has to make sense. If it makes sense, it looks good then it ok. Otherwise, it’ll stick out like sore thumb and that is bad.

  • Aluminum Composite Material

    Over the years in the history of humanity we have progressed a lot, gone are the days when we used to live in huts in villages and used carts for transportation; it is the time when we live advanced cities, concrete metropolises and advanced cars. I used that example to make my point much understandable, during that advancement and even now a thing that is most sought after are materials which are durable and tough yet light at the same time. As humans are progressing and advancing, they need such materials. Such materials would have numerous applications, in construction of buildings, automobiles, etc. We have a few materials and one of the best of these materials is an Aluminum Composite Material.

    What is an ACM Panel?

    Basically, two aluminum sheets bonded together by a Polyethylene sheet at its core. Aluminum is a well known material famous for its light weight, durability and strength. When such a metal is joined together with another aluminum sheet its properties are greater, but the addition of a polyethylene core in the middle increases its strength exponentially and makes it thicker. The two aluminum layers are now reinforced and insulated, with their bond nearly unbreakable.


    Aluminum Composite Panels are flexible, formable, compact and stable which allows them to be used in various applications but mostly they are used in architecture and designing. They are used in external and internal architectural cladding or partitions, false ceilings, signage, machine coverings, container constructions, etc. Most of the time you will find Aluminum Composite Material panels used in making signs which you can see outside stores and such, and that is due to the Aluminum Composite Material being weather proof in addition to being light and durable. As you can guess the signs are displayed in a place where they are subjected to a variety of environmental conditions, from rain to hail to sunshine to snow and what not. The properties of the Aluminum Composite Material make it able to withstand all that punishment. Now there are a lot of other materials available for the construction of sign boards, but ACM remains a favorite among manufacturers because when we come down to the cost of the materials involved aluminum and polyethylene is much cheaper. There are different thicknesses in which the material is available, but this thickness does not affect its final application.

    ACM Vs. other options:

    Even as we speak, there are newer materials being developed with lightness and durability being the main requirements. One such material already exists, and it is known as Carbon Fiber. It is a well known material and it is on the rise but while it is light and can take some punishment, the material is quite brittle. This where Aluminum Composite Material outshines because it is not brittle and it can withstand considerable amounts of onslaught. That is why in construction, architecture and signage, ACM panels are used and not carbon fiber or some other materials. Because of its light weight and the ability to take extensive amounts of punishment, so if you want to make a sign, you now know of the perfect material.

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