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  • Aluminum panels – Signboards

    If you just glance through the streets of any city in the world, the number of aluminum signage boards can overwhelm you. In recent times, aluminum has become the most common metal for the manufacturing of signboards. It has overtaken the use of plastic in this industry. There are a number of reasons why people prefer to have aluminum signboards.

    Light in weight: Aluminum is a very light metal. However, the introduction of the aluminum composite panels makes it the perfect choice for having it as signboard material. Compared to iron or steel, aluminum is very light and hence makes the best material for designing signboards.

    Weather resistant qualities: The biggest advantage of aluminum is that it is an extremely weather resistant metal. It does not rust. It can withstand extreme cold as well as heat and winds. Rainfall does not have any effect on the aluminum panels. Hence, they have a great utility as signboards all over the world.

    Flexibility: Aluminum is a malleable and ductile metal. Hence, it is very flexible. You can mold it into various shapes and designs. You can bend it to give it a curved look.

    Easy to color: You can use a variety of colors on aluminum. It can look great as the different kinds of inks can give it a spectacular appearance. You can also use powder coating on aluminum to increase its attractiveness quotient.

    Thicker signage boards: Aluminum is a light metal, but the composite aluminum panels make it heavier. Hence, they have a better use as a signboard.

    Economic: Aluminum is an inexpensive metal when compared to steel. Secondly aluminum is environmentally friendly as well. You can recycle the aluminum easily as compared to others.

    These factors make the aluminum composite panels as the best materials for having signboards. Hence, you see them as very popular all over the world.

  • Applications and advantages of fireproof aluminum panels

    Aluminum has become very popular in the construction industry because of its lightness and corrosion resistant properties. Aluminum does not burn and hence the fireproof aluminum panels have attracted the attention of all major industries.

    We shall look at some advantages and applications of fireproof aluminum panels during the course of this article.

    The biggest advantage of using aluminum alloys in the construction industry is that they can resist huge fires. Aluminum alloys can melt at temperatures exceeding 650oC. However, they do not release harmful gasses that pollute the atmosphere. In addition, you can recycle aluminum products. This proves the economic viability of using fireproof aluminum panels.

    These fireproof aluminum panels are corrosion free. They have a special quality whereby they form a protective oxide layer over the surface. This oxide layer protects these panels from rust and corrosion. Hence, these fireproof aluminum panels have great use in constructions in areas having excessive humidity. Such areas can include bridges, offshore projects, swimming pool roofs, and hydraulic structures.

    Another advantage of these panels is that they are extremely light. Transportation of these fireproof aluminum panels is easy. Therefore, you can find a use for these panels in construction of sewage crane bridges and moving bridges.

    Aluminum is renowned for its versatility. Molding them in any shape is possible. On one hand, you have huge structures having aluminum as its main construction material. On the other hand, you have thin aluminum foils for preserving perishable items such as food.

    Aluminum is a great conductor of electricity. It is significantly lighter than copper. Therefore, you can have more wires for the same weight. The electrical transmission towers today use aluminum structures instead of copper fittings. The fireproof qualities of aluminum play a great hand in this choice.

    Aluminum does not require much maintenance. Hence, it has use in construction of structures having special purposes like antennas and lighting towers.

    Aluminum has a very special quality. Recycling aluminum is easier in comparison with production of new aluminum from bauxite. There are no environmental hazards when you attempt to recycle aluminum. This makes it the favorite of the civil engineering fraternity.

    These fireproof panels have the quality of reflecting light and heat in good measure. Therefore, they have use in the interiors of modern buildings. This makes these panels conserve huge amounts of light energy. They can keep the cold out by preventing the heat inside the room from escaping.

    These were some of the advantages and applications of fireproof aluminum panels.

  • Aluminum composite panels are the order of the day

    Usually, buildings have concrete walls. They are durable having stood the test of time. Exposed to the vagaries of Nature, they require some protection as well. The aluminum composite panel can form an effective protective layer outside the building walls.


    The basics


    The question would now arise as to what are these aluminum composite panels. Theoretically speaking, the aluminum composite panels consist of two thin sheets of aluminum on either side of a non-aluminum core. These panels can form the outer layer of building facades and protect the same from the vagaries of the sun, the wind, and the rain.

    The aluminum composite panel manufacturers take care to ensure that the use the best non-aluminum core material so that these panels last long. The advantage of these panels is that they come in a range of attractive colors. You can have these panels in patterns that can imitate other materials such as wood or marble.


    The uses


    The aluminum composite panels have utility as external cladding to buildings, false ceilings, container construction, etc. They have great use as signage boards as well. The advantages of using these panels are many.


    Their features and advantages


    The panels have a low weight but exhibit extreme rigidity and durability. These panels are water resistant by nature. They have UV resistant properties as well. Hence, they can form the protective layers over the buildings. These panels are easy to form and process as well. These panels are easy to cut, saw, bend, and bolted as well. Drilling holes through these panels would also be easy. They are very attractive to look at from the outside. They can enhance the looks of the building largely. Being water resistant, there would be no chance of any water seepage as well. At the same time, the UV resistant features of these panels can keep the interiors cool. In case you have a centrally air-conditioned building, these panels can enhance the cooling quality by not allowing the chillness to escape through the walls. These panels are renowned for being soundproof and fireproof.

    The aluminum panels are easy to install and replace as well when damaged. Costs wise, they are quite inexpensive. As these panels protect the buildings from the exteriors, you would save a lot on the external maintenance of the buildings. In case you use the panels for external decoration, you have to use the PVDF coating. In case you use them for interior decoration, the polyester coating would be fine.


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