aluminum composite panel manufacturers

  • Aluminum composite panels are the order of the day

    Usually, buildings have concrete walls. They are durable having stood the test of time. Exposed to the vagaries of Nature, they require some protection as well. The aluminum composite panel can form an effective protective layer outside the building walls.


    The basics


    The question would now arise as to what are these aluminum composite panels. Theoretically speaking, the aluminum composite panels consist of two thin sheets of aluminum on either side of a non-aluminum core. These panels can form the outer layer of building facades and protect the same from the vagaries of the sun, the wind, and the rain.

    The aluminum composite panel manufacturers take care to ensure that the use the best non-aluminum core material so that these panels last long. The advantage of these panels is that they come in a range of attractive colors. You can have these panels in patterns that can imitate other materials such as wood or marble.


    The uses


    The aluminum composite panels have utility as external cladding to buildings, false ceilings, container construction, etc. They have great use as signage boards as well. The advantages of using these panels are many.


    Their features and advantages


    The panels have a low weight but exhibit extreme rigidity and durability. These panels are water resistant by nature. They have UV resistant properties as well. Hence, they can form the protective layers over the buildings. These panels are easy to form and process as well. These panels are easy to cut, saw, bend, and bolted as well. Drilling holes through these panels would also be easy. They are very attractive to look at from the outside. They can enhance the looks of the building largely. Being water resistant, there would be no chance of any water seepage as well. At the same time, the UV resistant features of these panels can keep the interiors cool. In case you have a centrally air-conditioned building, these panels can enhance the cooling quality by not allowing the chillness to escape through the walls. These panels are renowned for being soundproof and fireproof.

    The aluminum panels are easy to install and replace as well when damaged. Costs wise, they are quite inexpensive. As these panels protect the buildings from the exteriors, you would save a lot on the external maintenance of the buildings. In case you use the panels for external decoration, you have to use the PVDF coating. In case you use them for interior decoration, the polyester coating would be fine.


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