Aluminium Composite Panel

  • Aluminium Composite Panel Facades

    They say, “First impression is the last impression”. And the first impression about any building is formed by looking at its façade. The principal front of any building which faces open space or a street or main road is called its façade. So, it is imperative that utmost attention is paid while designing the façade of a new building or when rebuilding or renovating any building.

    Modern day architects and designers tend to design facades with stunning contemporary looks in addition to the regular features such as durability and ease of day-to-day maintenance. It is in this context that Aluminium Composite Panel Facades have gained immense popularity in the modern day world. Aluminium Composite Panel Facades easily meet the needs of all weather resistance, air deflection, structural load and uniform load deflection in addition to offering various other benefits.

    Use of Aluminium Composite Panels in designing facades leaves enough room for the architects to innovate and satisfy their natural instincts of aesthetics, beauty, functionality, economics and creativity. Aluminium Composite Panel Facades can be created by architects in hundreds of looks, colors and textures with absolutely fine finish. The potential is almost unlimited.

    Aluminium Composite Panels

    Aluminium Composite Panels are sandwiched panels where two skin-thin sheets of non-corrosive special grade Aluminium are bonded to a fire retardant mineral core or non-toxic polyethylene thermoplastic. It is a highly popular cladding material with a seamless finish for use in facades in modern buildings.

    Advantages of using Aluminium Composite Panels in Facades

    The advantages of using Aluminium Composite Panels in Facades in modern buildings are enumerated below:

    Economy – It is an economical cladding material in comparison to other options available.

    Strength – It is a very strong, durable and rigid material with the added advantage of being light weight.

    Ease in fixing – Its application procedure is easy and hassle free. Further, the material is available in standard sizes, the transportation of which to the site is easy.

    Stain and weather resistance – It is unbreakable, weather and stain resistant.

    Colors and finishes – It is available in multiple colors and finishes, including stone and wood finishes.

    A few drawbacks

    Aluminium Composite Panel Facades do have a few minor drawbacks as well. They are as under:

    Susceptibility to dents – During hurricanes and storms, these are susceptible to dents. However, a few manufacturers use special threads to reinforce the panels as a preventive measure against such dents.

    Careful sealing and water proofing of joints is imperative – This is important to prevent any water from leaking inside the panels.

    Notwithstanding the minor drawbacks mentioned above, Aluminium Composite Panel Facades are gaining more and more popularity with every passing day.


  • PE Coated Aluminium Composite Panels

    Aluminium Composite Panels find a widespread acceptance in the construction and interior decoration industries due to their various applications. PE Coated Aluminium Composite Panels are a definite improvement over the simple ones. These panels are also used for decorating the external as well as the internal walls. These panels are made fireproof, anti-bacteria and antistatic for various uses. PE coated aluminium composite panels are also made using high grade aluminium alloy and plastic.

    In a PE Coated Aluminium Composite Panel, two sheets of corrosion resistant aluminium are permanently bonded to polyethylene core material. It has superb flexibility and it provides sound insulation. It is  popular with interior decorators and is also widely used in commercial establishments the world over. It also finds wide usage in advertising boards.

    PE Coated Aluminium Composite Panels come in various widths, thicknesses and lengths. They come in matt and gross series, depending upon the grossness of the PE coating. These panels are weather resistant for 8–10 years.

    PE coated aluminium composite panels are very durable, economic, aesthetically superb, light weight, easy to install, easy to cut, bend and groove, fireproof and eco-friendly like aluminium composite panels. However, they score over the latter in terms of the following attributes:

    1. Strength– They are sturdier than plain aluminium composite sheets with little difference in weight and price.
    2. Rigidity– The PE coating imparts more rigidity to these panels.
    3. Impact resistance– The PE coating increases the impact resistance of these panels.
    4. Surface flatness– The coating renders more flatness to the surface of the panels.
    5. Sound insulation– This is a definite advantage at most places where these panels are used.
    6. Heat insulation– This is particularly beneficial in hot and humid conditions.
    7. Acid resistance– A protection which is very much welcome at the clients’ end.
    8. Weatherproofing– This gives a longer life to the panels.
    9. Alkali resistance– Protects against the normal wear and tear.
    10. Uniform coloring– The PE coating imparts a uniform coloring to the surface.


    PE coated aluminium composite panels find  wide applications at railway stations, airports, hotels, docks, recreation spots, metros, offices, villas, shop windows, filling stations, bookstalls, big billboards, telephone booths, roadside kiosks, furniture, traffic sentry boxes, trains, decoration pillars, ships, automobiles, carriages, kitchens, internal walls, compartments, toilets and ceilings. These easy to clean and low maintenance panels are fast becoming the first choice of builders, architects and consumers over the normal aluminium panels.

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