Shandong Jiyu Building Materials Co. Ltd., the world biggest producer of Aluminum composite panels such as Fireproof ACP, PE ACP, PVDF ACP, High Class ACP, Brushed ACP, Wooden ACP, etc. The products can be widely used in in building exterior wall, curtain wall panels, the old building facade modification and renovation, balcony, equipment unit, indoor compartment., panel, logo plate, display stand, interior wall panels, ceilings, advertising signs, industrial timber, cold car body, air conditioning, TV and other home appliances shell.

The production arm of Shandong Jiyu Building Materials Co. Ltd., have high quality equipments with higher production capacity. They have advanced and leading production equipment that ensures the flatness of aluminum composite panels, with guaranteed peel strength, and light weight and compactness.  Their production capacity also covers the goods for over 65,000 customers from 40 countries.

With increase in advanced technological equipment in the company, Shandong Jiyu Building Materials Co. Ltd., have adopted German aluminum composite panel thermal laminating line, with less workers and energy required but with increased productivity and reduced prices.   We have professional engineers and designers, that also help customers understand the production and design of products. With our scientific management, the cost gets controlled effectively so that the prices of our products are highly competitive.

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