Aluminium Composite materials have become very popular cladding materials in various parts of the world. These products are durable for a long-lasting period of time. There are all kinds of products within these categories. Moreover, there is immense competition with large number of manufacturers across the world. However, being a popular and old name in the industry gives us an edge above every other company in terms of manufacturing a quality cladding material.

With over 20 years of experience, our top quality and popular aluminium composite panel, manufactures top composite materials like light and rigid ACP, sign board panel, aluminium coils and many others. We have a polymer film with guaranteed peel strength because it is characterised by light weight and compactness, so that it can have a combination of strength and durability. We adopt the leading production equipment that ensures the flatness of the aluminium composite panel.

Aluminium composite panel are widely used in building exterior wall, curtain wall panel, the old building façade modification and renovation, balcony, equipment unit, indoor compartment, panel, logo plate, display stand, interior wall panels, ceilings, advertising signs, industrial timber, cold car body, air conditioning, TV, and other home appliances shell.

Our products quality is core competence and development. It undergoes rigorous checks, so access to a lot of quality certification such as American ASTM standards and ISO9001 standard quality system. We guarantee long years of lasting while in use. WE are committed to providing quality services for our customers.

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