You need to do something different for people to sit up and take notice. This is the main idea behind this decorative façade on a building in Tourcoing, France. In the normal course, if you have a bank on the ground floor with eight apartments on the first and second floors, who would have given it much importance?

However, you bring in an innovation such as decorating the exteriors as well as the interiors with decorative panels made from concrete. Immediately, people start becoming curious and take time to admire the beauty. The idea might be a simple one but it is innovative by all means.

The property developer assigned this task to the renowned architect firm, D’Houndt and Bajart. The first part of the job is to decide on the design. The fact that one of the occupants of the construction was a bank made it easy for them. They got the inspiration for the design from the delicate drawings of the guilloche. As a matter of fact, guilloche is the intricate drawings and pattern on the currency notes that resembles braided ribbons. Using this inspiration, they created specific molds for each decorative panel.

Once the molds are ready, all you have to do is to pour concrete over them and allow it to cure. On drying, you remove them and have your decorative panels ready for installation. The following job is a simple one of attaching these panels to the exteriors of the building in a manner similar to affixing tiles to the bathroom walls. The result is a beautiful structure that looks not only lovely but also creative.

The beauty of the design is that you can use it to decorate the interiors as well as the main door of the lobby. This design can surely make heads turn resulting in the building becoming a sort of a landmark in the town.

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