Aluminum Panels

Aluminum Panels: Sizes and Design are Available According Your Detail Drawings.

Aluminum panels have great utility in the construction industry. It has internal and external uses. Aluminum is a light but extremely strong metal. It is capable of replacing iron and steel in the construction industry. There are many advantages of using kingaluc aluminum panels. Some of them are as follows. Light in weight: Compared to metals like steel and iron, aluminum is lighter with a specific weight of 2.7 g/cm3. This can reduce the dead weight of the product.

Corrosion free: The biggest disadvantage of iron is formation of rust. This can weaken the structure and cause extensive damage. Aluminum has a special quality. It produces a protective oxide coating thereby protecting it from corrosion. Certain protective processes such as anodizing, powder coating, etc enhance the strength of aluminum panels.

Enhance beauty: Aluminum panels can increase the beauty of a structure. They are pleasing to look from every angle. Aluminum has high reflectivity. It can reflect light and heat in equal measure.

Ease of processing: Aluminum is a ductile and malleable metal. It is easy to process into various forms, shapes, and sizes. Aluminum is a versatile metal in many ways.

Durability: Aluminum is a long lasting material. Aluminum panels are renowned for their durability. They can withstand the strongest of climatic changes. Aluminum does not burn. Hence, it has great application in industrial use.

Economical: Costs wise, aluminum is inexpensive when compared to other metals such as steel, etc. This makes it perfect for use in the construction business.

Recyclable: This might be the biggest advantage of aluminum. You can recycle aluminum products. This makes these products more economical in the end. The cost of obtaining aluminum from recycled materials is less than that of producing new aluminum from its bauxite ore.

Environmental friendly: Aluminum is an environmentally friendly metal. At temperatures over 650oC, aluminum alloys can melt but do not release dangerous gasses. Hence, you find the use of aluminum panels in construction of industrial roofs etc.

Some applications of aluminum panels are as follows.

Aluminum has great utility in civil engineering projects because of its lightness and corrosion resistant properties. You can find use of aluminum in building offshore projects as well.

This metal is a good conductor of electricity. Hence, you find great use of aluminum in building electrical transmission towers, etc.

Structures requiring low maintenance costs such as masts, lighting towers, motorways, and antenna towers use aluminum on a large scale.