High mechanical strength and toughness, light weight, extreme rigidity, low and high temperature resistance, super peel strength, excellent surface flatness and smoothness, high quality and good price.

All the aluminum composite panels follow a general rule which is that two aluminum sheets are coupled or bonded upon a thick internal core made up of polyethylene. But the interesting thing is that there are certain changes in features when it comes to further classification of aluminum composite panels. One of the classes of aluminum composite panel we will discuss in this article is PVDF aluminum composite panel. PVDF Aluminum composite panel follows the same principle of how aluminum composite panels are manufactured the only difference is that the final product involves a coating of PVDF (Fluorocarbon). Here are some of the salient features of PVDF aluminum composite panel.

The thickness depending on the brands and preference comes in various forms but due to aluminum composite panel having a coating of PVDF the panels would obviously thicker. In general PVDF aluminum composite panels are manufactured in 3, 4, 5 and 6mm which gives you an edge in the form of strength and durability.

PVDF Coating:
PVDF coating is an important element in the product and the manufacturing process simply because of the fact that it supplements the aluminum composite panel perfectly. PVDF is essentially a mixture of a number of components such as fluorocarbon resins which provides the fluorine enzyme, ester solvent, paint and alcohol. A mixture of these components makes a coating which gives more strength and resistance.

PVDF aluminum composite panels are extensively used for the purpose of cladding, as we have seen that their thickness along with the properties of PVDF are such that they are perfect material for cladding.

Features and Applications:
The features of PVDF aluminum composite panel are immense simply because of the fact that they make the surface of the panel even more flat. The coating gives the two aluminum sheets a surface whose essential feature is flatness and smoothness. Furthermore, the PVDF coating makes it even more weather resistant. Also features such as heat insulation, sound insulation and fire resistant add an entirely new dimension in Aluminum composite panels. The usage of PVDF aluminum composite panel is wide and has a variety of applications; it is frequently used as a raw material in industries, advertisement boards and exterior of buildings.

PVDF aluminum panel in essence is quite similar to the aluminum composite panel. The only difference lies in the coating which further refines things in a way that makes the PVDF panel quite an effective one.