Mirror ACP

Anti-Static, antibacterial, corrosion Resisting, fire Protection, high temperature resistance, light weight,flat surface and high strength, various uniform colors, fit for various designs.

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Mirror aluminum composite panel structure is essentially composed of three layers which together along with a covering of highly pressurized mirror like paint (PE or PVDF) combine to form a flat panel that represent art as well as the traditional romanticized look. The two layers of aluminum sheets are bonded together permanently with an internal core of polyethylene which when covered through the paint makes the surface even more flat and highly resistant. An important point is that only the front of the panel is coated with PE or PVDF (Polyester) Paint so that a mirror like look can be given which is quite elegant. The following are some of the features of mirror aluminum composite panel:

As far as the physical and chemical properties of mirror panels are concerned it has a variety of features that enables it to be among the best of flat panels. The thickness of the panel itself ranges from 2mm-6mm which makes it quite flexible when it comes to personal usage. Moving on the width and length it follows a similar course providing the buyer plenty of options, the standard accepted width is 1220mm which is fixed. Whereas length goes up to 2440-5800mm which further provides buyers plenty of options to consider.

A Unique Experience:
Mirror panels are unique in the sense that they can be used in a variety of scenarios and places. The best thing is that the advantage it has over actual mirror, which means essentially it is unbreakable. Hence this unique experience can be used in a positive way and these panels can even be used in our homes.

Features and Applications:
Mirror aluminum composite panels are well known for their features such as excellent fireproof properties, sound insulation, strength & durability, surface flatness and smoothness. Along with these features the most important one that the mirror panel covers is that of being weather resistant as results indicate that mirror panels can withstand the harshest of weather for decades.

Mirror coated aluminum panels have been in high demand over the last few years; this is because of the fact that mirror coated panels present quite diverse options with consistent features. The most common applications of mirror coated panels would be the usage in wall boards & ceilings, adored in kitchens & balconies, shop face decorations, interior and external wall claddings. One of the biggest advantages of mirror panels is the fact that they are environment friendly and presents us with the opportunity to enjoy the mirror styled flair plus excellent features which make us trust the product.