Brushed ACP

Super peeling strength, light weight, but extreme stiffiness, good temperature adaptability, fireproof, excellent heat and sound insulation, easy processing and handling, excellent self-cleaning character.

Brushed aluminum composite panel’s structure is composed of two aluminum sheets couple unto polyethylene material core. The two aluminum sheets have properties of corrosion resistant and when bonded with the polyethylene core produces the product that is to be finalized through brushing which we will take about later in the article. Nevertheless brushed aluminum composite panels are great products when it comes to the fulfillment of individual customers. Here are some of the salient features of brushed aluminum composite panel:

As far as the physical and chemical properties of brushed panels are concerned it has a variety of features that enables it to be among the best of flat panels. The thickness of the panel itself ranges from 2mm-6mm which makes it quite flexible when it comes to personal usage. Moving on the width and length follow a similar course providing the buyer plenty of options, the standard accepted width is 1000mm which can be increased up to a maximum of 2000mm. Length goes up to 6000mm, a particularly interesting advantage of brushed panels is the fact that it has more options when it comes to the dimension of what you as a buyer want.

Brushed coatings:
The intrinsic feature of brushed panels is the fact that it uses two kinds of brushed finished which makes the surface of the aluminum sheets flatter and smoother. The two brushed finishes are typically known as gold and silver brushed coatings. The function of the brushed coating is quite important as it gives excellent characteristics.

Customization is without a doubt the single most useful feature when it comes to brushed aluminum composite panels as one has complete freedom to customize the panels according to personal usage. Whether it comes to colors, sizes and features brushed panels are readily available.

Features and Applications:
Brushed aluminum composite panels are well known for their features such as excellent fireproof properties, sound insulation, strength & durability, surface flatness and smoothness. Along with these features the most important one that the panel covers is that of being weather resistant as results indicate that brushed panels can withstand the harshest of weather for decades.

Brushed coated aluminum panels have been in high demand over the last few years, this is because of the fact that brushed coated panels present quite diverse options with consistent features. The most common applications of brushed coated panels would be the usage in wall boards & ceilings for tunnels, billboards & signs, used in manufacturing of bodies of cars & ships, interior and external wall claddings. One of the biggest advantages of brushed panels is the fact that they come out in a variety of colors for this sole reason the usage of brushed panels in kitchens and rooms is also common.